Combining over 30 years of experience in screen production, Skyflyer Studio is an entertainment studio focusing on delivering high end content for film, television and video games. 

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Dragon Force TM - The Series

Three best friends become three best heroes when they discover magical dragon rings.

They are now living in a monster city! Burdened by these new responsibilities, they make a vow to always be kids, no matter what adventures await.


Length: 52x11min episodes

Format: 16x9

Resolution: HD

Type: 2D Animation

Target: 4-7 Years

Delivery: Mid 2022

Dragon Force TMRun --The Game 

An endless runner with a unique twist. Follow our 3 heroes as they jump, punch and kick their way through Long Valley. When all else fails: Dragon power will prevail .

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Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream -- Game

On halloween eve a pumpkin farmer is attacked by the Swamp Lord and covered in his evil slime. As he is falls into a deep a sleep the slime joins him to an evil jack-o'-lantern. Part human part pumpkin, Pumpkinbutt is stuck in a horrible nightmare. Help him jump, dodge and fart his way out this Halloween Dream.

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