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Combining over 30 years of experience in screen production, Skyflyer Studio is an entertainment studio focusing on delivering high end content for film, television and video games. Over the years, Skyflyer Studio has become an innovative Mobile Game Developer. Our studio was established with a focus on imagination, passion, fun and connection. This has led us to create our flagship intellectual properties and take a leap into the unknown: focusing on brand developed games as marketing tools with a business interaction orientation. 

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games and brands, a new medium


Advertising is a competitive game. With more brands popping up every day, companies need to find ways to grab attention and stay in people’s minds, making it imperative to push ad campaigns on platforms where potential customers are most active.

TV and radio have begun to suffer in terms of impact due to younger generations ‘cutting the cord’ and opting to consume their content on streaming services. So, what other platforms should brands explore when developing their multi-platform marketing strategies? You may be unaware of the opportunities that exist in video gaming, but the potential this entertainment channel offers brands is undeniable, this is where we can help!

games worldwide

Currently, there are more than 2.7 BILLION gamers worldwide, and on average, they spend 6.5 hours playing each week. Gamers are a captive and diverse group, encompassing an almost even split of men and women. There are players young and old, although, of course, most fall into the Gen Z, Gen X, and millennial generations. In addition to gaming becoming a mainstream form of entertainment, esports or competitive gaming is now rivalling live sports. What if your brand could be a featured product is this field? Imaging your customers playing a game thats focuses on your brands core values, this is true brand engagement.


a new level of engagement 


Mobile games can help you raise brand awareness by allowing you to implement innovative ways to promote your products, engage with customers, and much more. In the past, promoting products through games was considered a niche activity and brands often resorted to it as the last option but we have started to see a shift in trend as more customers are accessible only through mobile and over 50% of mobile users play games on a regular basis.

Digital ads have hit peak now and consumers don’t engage with them anymore. Social media marketing is now complemented by games which are proving to be an effective media which brands can leverage . With increasing difficulty in engaging with customers through digital ads and social media, you must implement a more innovative approach towards engagement and games are an effective way to do that.

what we can do for your brand

If you want to launch a new product or service, interactive games can be an excellent tool to create awareness around it. Grabbing attention through games and introducing your product to your audience helps to create more buzz. In the current scenario where games are the most popular engagement platform for customers, they can be the perfect launchpad for your new product or the perfect opportunity to create new buzz around something a little older.

Mobile games can help you reach your desired consumer base, as well appeal to people outside that demographic. Additionally, more adults are now playing mobile games which makes the use of games as a from of advertising an attractive platform for traditional brands. At Skyflyer we can help bring your game aspirations to life. Dealing with with all aspects of concept, design, implementation and release on the Google Play store and Apple App store. 


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imagination to realisation


At Skyflyer Studio we can help bring your game aspirations to life. Dealing with all aspects of concept, design, implementation through to release on the Google Play store and Apple App store. As well as ongoing game maintenance and updates. 

The engagement potential is endless.

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